Tom Randall Distributing Logo




Completion Date

May 2017


Job Duration

12 Months


$4 Million


Square Footage

30,000 sq ft



415 Sugar Street, Layton, Utah 84041


Built an entirely new facility for Tom Randall Distributing. Block structure with steel roofing. Facility contains loading and fueling stations for oil transportation and distribution, a warehouse for sales, storage, and inventory containment, and office spaces for employees. Building contains the six largest underground storage tanks in the state of Utah.

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  1. Tom Randall Distributing

    Tom Randall Distributing facility from outside
  2. Offices and Pump Station

    Tom Randall Distributing facility and gas pump filling station
  3. Reception area

    Tom Randall Distributing indoor reception area
  4. Tom Randall Underground Storage Tanks

    Six underground storage tanks being covered with gravel
  5. Tom Randall Distributing interior

    indoor storage tanks at Tom Randall Distributing
  6. Tanks and Pipelines

    Pipelines for filling stations outside Tom Randall Distributing facility
  7. Office Exterior

    Tom Randall Distributing facility outdoor front close-up
  8. Framing interior

    framing construction for Tom Randall Distributing by Center Point Construction
  9. Office and Filling Station

    Facility and filling station under construction
  10. Steel framing

    steel framing and block wall construction