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We have performed many jobs for HollyFrontier for the past several years, including:

Fire line repair/installation
Vehicle gate
Parking lot, fencing, gates
Storm Water dike repair
Riser pump house
Roadway lighting
Blender Building
Office building
Crane pad
Inlet shoring
Storm drain & underground
Wet gas scrubber
Black Wax unloading
Site de-watering
Security fencing
Alky wash
Warehouse building

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  1. HollyFrontier main offices

    main offices for HollyFrontier built by Center Point Construction
  2. Inside HollyFrontier main offices

    interior of main offices of HollyFrontier
  3. HollyFrontier warehouse

    warehouse in HollyFrontier industrial park
  4. HollyFrontier industrial park

    industrial park at HollyFrontier with Center Point dump truck parked
  5. HollyFrontier warehouse

    exterior of HollyFrontier warehouse
  6. Warehouse interior

    Interior of a warehouse located at HollyFrontier industrial park
  7. HollyFrontier main offices

    exterior of HollyFrontier main offices
  8. HollyFrontier main offices

    front exterior of HollyFrontier main offices