As we discussed in a previous post, a general contractor serves as the supervisor and manager over an entire project, and handles the direct contact with the property or project owner. Center Point Construction acts as a general contractor. However, we work with many subcontractors.

What is a subcontractor?

A subcontractor is a company that provides service on a project but doesn't have direct communication with the owner of a project. They are often hired and managed by the general contractor to provide specialized services on a project. For example, Center Point Construction does not have team members that have the expertise to install HVAC systems. However, we do have several subcontractor contacts that we work with regularly that excel in these specific fields. This allows us to focus on what we are best at, and bring in subcontractors to focus on what they do best, whether it be electric, plumbing, roofing, concrete pouring, etc.

As a general contractor, Center Point Construction has spend years cultivating connections with some of the leading companies in the area to provide their subcontracting services on our projects. Together with our vast network of top designers, craftsmen, and other contractors, we continue to provide you with the best finished products to our clients.

To learn more about contractors and subcontractors, visit this blog post by Levelset.

Our partnerships with subcontractors

Subcontractor work has influences many of our projects. Below are some pictures of past projects accomplished thanks for our wonderful subcontractors.

  1. Completed Wardell Brother Construction Office

    Wardell Brothers Construction office completed
  2. Wardell Brother Construction In Progress

    subcontractors working on commercial construction projects
  3. Utah Athletic Center In Progress

    subcontractors working on Utah Athletic Center with Center Point Construction
  4. Subcontractor Working On Tom Randall Distributing

    Tom Randall Distributing in progress by Center Point Construction
  5. Completed Tom Randall Distributing Center

    Project completed by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  6. Subcontractor Working On Sweets Candy Addition

    subcontractor working on sweets candy company project


Your next construction project

If you are considering a new construction project, give us a call. We can discuss our capabilities and discuss our network of subcontractors to ensure that you feel confident in our ablities, and the abilities of those we work with, to turn your vision into a reality.

If you are a subcontractor and are interested in working with us, we would love to talk with you! We are always looking to expand our network and find new ways to improve our business and the products we can provide to our clients. Visit our Work With Us page, or contact us directly:

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