On most construction projects, the general contractor serves as the supervisor and manager over the entire project. They are involved with hiring and managing subcontractors to fulfill all areas of the project that they cannot fulfill themselves, which could include plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. They are the primary source of contact for the client, they hold the highest liability for completing the project, and the construction site is continuously their responsibility.

Why hire a general contractor?

In some instances, clients or homebuilders may consider managing the project and hiring subcontractors themselves rather than hire a general contractor, but this can be unwise. When you hire a general contractor, you receive a wide span of benefits that you could not fulfill by yourself. For example, a general contractor provides a vast network of builder relationships. They often know the best subcontractors to work with in your area and who offers the highest quality product and services that best match your budget. General contractors also bring an extensive knowledge base on contruction codes, logistics, schduling, costing, quality assurance, and so on. This can bring assurance you that every subcontractor is doing their portion of the work correctly and according to the project's necessary scope requirements. 

How to choose the best general contractor? 

In some markets, you will realize that there are a lot of potential general contractors you could choose to work with. So how should you decide who to work with? Here are some quick questions that you can ask when researching potential candidates:

Has this general contractor worked on projects similar to my current need? By being able to see what kind of work they have completed in the past, you can know what quality of final construction they can deliver. If they have experience in construction projects similar to what you need done, that also lets you know that they will be able to deliver exactly what you are asking for.

Who have they worked with in the past? It can be helpful to know what past customer's experiences have been like and it can give you a taste of what your experience would be like working with them. For this reason, it can be helpful to ask potential general contractors for a list of references. Similarly, if you are considering a non-residentlal project, look at what types of clients the contractor has worked with. Some organizations and clients, such as oil refineries, require higher standards of safety or precision and can therefore give you a better idea of what caliber of work they can provide.

How long have they been in business? Expertise are built with time and practice makes perfect, so finding a general contractor with more years of experience typically guarantees higher quality work. So when considering various general contractors, look into how long the company has been in business and how long the different employees have been working in the industry.

What range of services can they provide me? Some general contracting companies offer more services than just general contracting, such as consulting, framing, pre-construction, design work, etc. This can be benefitial to you as the client because they will often offer these services at a lower cost to you compared to subcontractors, and it streamlines the work flow to be even more efficient.

Our general contracting experience

Center Point Construction is a powerful competitor in the Utah general contractor market. Center Point Construction has provided general contracting services since its opening in 2002, with many of its leaders careers' starting much earlier than that. Our vast variety of project types is a wonderful description of our abilities to direct and manage any client's project needs.

We invite you to view our services page for more information on what additional services we can provide to you. Below we have also included a slideshow of various projects we have completed in the past. For additional project portfolios, visit our projects page.

  1. Custom Home

    custom home completed by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  2. Commercial Shop

    Commercial Shop built by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  3. Commercial and Distribution Center

    Project completed by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  4. Multi Family Housing Community

    Community built by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  5. Church Addition

    Addition completed by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  6. Custom Home

    custom home built by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  7. Residential Garage

    garage built by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  8. Tenant Remodel

    commerical remodel completed by Center Point Construction as general contractor
  9. Dental Office

    dental office built by Center Point Construction
  10. Auto Shop

    Auto shop built by Center Point Construction
  11. Oil Refinery Offices

    Oil Refinery offices built by Center Point Construction


Your next construction project

If you are considering a new construction project, give us a call. We can discuss our capabilities as general contractor further to ensure that you feel confident in our ablities to turn your vision into a reality.

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