The construction industry is full of acronyms, and sometimes they can be used without ever providing an explanation to you as a home or business owner starting a new construction project. Below we have provided a few different acronyms that you may commonly see, along with a brief explanation, to help clear some of the confusion. 


This is another acronym that, although less commonly abbreviated, you might still come across. GC stands for General Contractor. On most construction projects, the general contractor serves as the supervisor and manager over the entire project. They are involved with hiring and managing subcontractors to fulfill all areas of the project that they cannot fulfill themselves. They are the primary source of contact for the client. Center Point Construction's main service is general contracting services.

For more information on what a general contractor is, check out our blog post that goes in significantly more detail.


This is probably one of the first ones you'll see. RFP stands for Request for Proposal and is the most formal type of request in the construction industry, where a company looking to undergo a construction project will send out a scope of work stating what the construction project will entail, along with the request for the construction company to send a cost estimate for that project along with specifics relating to how they would complete that particular constructino project.


OSHA is frequently discussed within construction companies, so you might overhear this acronym at times while visiting your construction project or while meeting with construction team members. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. This administration was organized through the Department of Labor starting in 1970 in order to "assure safe and healthy working conditions for working men and women by setting and enforcing standards and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance" (

Construction companies required to follow certain OSHA safety requirements and issue OSHA training in order to ensure the highest standards of construction safety. Center Point Construction has made a strong and consistent effort to follow OSHA training requirements.

Learn more about OSHA.
Learn more about Center Point Construction's Safety commitment.


This acronym (Pronounced "Swip") refers to maintaining a clean construction site. SWPPP stands for Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan. These plans are site-specific descriptions on how the construction site operator will prevent stormwater contamination, as well as general cleanliness regulations. These plans are regularly checked on-site by site supervisors, and often reviewed by city or county employees. Evidence of SWPPP can include visible signs at the perimeter of a project site, sandbags protecting storm drains, silt fences around a site, and concrete washout stations.

See Center Point Construction's SWPPP commitments.


HVAC is a common acronym within both construction and general home improvement settings. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. HVAC installation is typically done through a subcontractor or a group of various subcontractors during your construction process.


TI projects is one of the many types of construction projects that we service at Center Point Construction. TI stands for Tenant Improvement. A Tenant Improvement, also called a Tenant Remodel, is the term used for alterations done to a rented or leased space in order to best meet the needs of the new tenant. This is a common occurrence in business parks or strip malls, for example. A tenant improvement project can vary in its scale, mainly depending on the needs of the new tenant and on the regulations given by the leasing company. Some TI projects are strictly cosmetic, such as new interior painting and flooring, whereas more intense projects can also include building/removing walls, specialty light installation, adding additional plumbing, etc.

Center Point Construction has completed several tenant improvement projects over the years. For example, you can explore our pages on Kidz Dental Works or Pretzelmaker.

And others...

There will probably be a few other acronyms you'll see or hear during the project, but hopefully this is a helpful start.

At Center Point Construction, we want to be there to help in every phase of the project. From the designing phase through the end of construction, we have the capabilities necessary to make your project a success. We also want to help you feel confident in us during every phase of the project. As we work on your project together, always feel welcome to reach out to a project manager or Center Point employee with any questions you may have. As we keep communication clear and open, we can better turn your project into exactly as you would like it.

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