Design-build is "the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects in America" (DBIA). Roughly half of construction projects today use this method. We recommend that you understand this option as a consumer - and we are happy to offer design-build services to you.

Design-Build definition.

Design-build is specific type of project delivery where one entity is contracted for the enire project flow - from concepting to completion. A single contract covers all design and construction services. Center Point Construction holds single-source responsbility and contractual risk for every aspect of the project. This helps you as the customer by eliminating the stress of multiple contact-points for you to worry about.

Center Point Construction has worked on many design-build projects in the past and are continually welcoming others to take advantage of these services for their next project. You will learn that the design-build process has many benefits to consider.

What this means for you.

That may all sound neat to you, but there are serious benefits for using design-build services.

Faster delivery. With just one company overseeing the whole project, there is less lockstep when transitioning between project phases. The team can be adaptive and responsive, and decisions can be made much quicker. This speeds up timelines and lets you finish your project faster. Reports have shown design-build project completed around 30% faster compared to other construction methods.

Cost savings. Prices decrease for many reasons. For example, there is more continuity in the project from start to finish, making the project more effective. Efficiency decreases price, and faster delivery (as discussed above) also decreases price.By using the design-build method, project costs tend to decrease by approximately 6%.

Peace of mind. If your project is a design-build project, you will feel less stressed throughout the project and find more peace of mind. The general contractor knows the status of the project at all times so it is easy for you to receive open and frequent communication. As the owner, you can become more involved in the project and have a role in more decision making, helping you feel more pride in the completed project.

If you are interested in learning more about design-build services and discuss how we can help you in your next project, send us a note or give us a call. Let's turn your vision into a reality - in the most effective way possible!

Learn more.

Here is a list of additional websites for more information relating to the design-build process. You are also welcome to call or email us with any questions you may have:
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