Wardell Brothers Construction logo




Completion Date

 November 2017


Job Duration

7 Months




Square Footage

7,000 sq ft



427 E 100 N
Morgan, Utah 84050


Two-story main offices. Includes equipment and machinery storage garage with three extra-large garage doors. Brick exterior, block construction of garage, wood framing of office area.


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  1. Front side-view

    Front of Wardell Brothers Construction
  2. Front entryway

    Entryway to offices of Wardell Brothers
  3. Back/Side exterior

    back and side of exterior of building
  4. Side Exterior

    side of building exterior
  5. Front

    front of Wardell Brothers Construction
  6. Reception Area

    reception area
  7. Conference Room

    conference room
  8. Lower level kitchen

    lower level kitchen
  9. Upper level kitchen

    upper level kitchen
  10. Stairway

  11. Hallway

  12. Garage

    garage area
  13. garage stairway

    garage stairway
  14. Garage doors

    garage doors
  15. Work in Progress Exterior - side

    work in progress by Center Point Construction
  16. Work in Progress interior hallway

    work in progress by Center Point Construction
  17. Work in Progress Exterior - front

    front exterior work in progress