Townhouses - Hyrum, Utah




Completion Date



Job Duration

 June 2011 (First Phase)


$6 Million 


Square Footage

 12,000 sq ft



Hyrum, Utah 84319


Complex of townhomes for McKay Developments. Designed for upper scale single families in the Logan, Utah area. Subdivision includes over 50 townhouses and each development has a two-car garage with additional parking pads for two more vehicles. Exterior of homes are made of rock, brick, and/or stucco. 

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  1. Townhouse complex

    subdivision of townhouses built by Center Point Construction
  2. Townhouses located in Hyrum, Utah

    townhouses built by Center Point Construction
  3. Townhouse developments located in Hyrum, Utah

    Northern Utah townhouses built by Center Point
  4. Elk Mountain Developments

    Elk Mountain Developments contracted by Center Point Construction
  5. Back exterior of townhouses

    housing and fencing located in Hyrum, Utah
  6. Back exterior of townhome

    back exterior and fencing of townhome in Hyrum, Utah
  7. Townhouse in Elk Mountain Development complex

    townhouse located in northern utah