A mountain-style home is not as common of a designing style in comparison to the "rambler" or "colonial" home, but its popularity is intensely growing - especially in the mountain west, like Utah, Colorado, or Wyoming. Additionally, this style is unique because its features and style can be easily blended and combined with other architectural styles. Here we will talk about the most defined characteristics of a mountain-style home and how you can use these influences in your next custom home.

Mountain style background

Very simply put, a mountain-style home is what you would expect to find as a mountain retreat. You will find a lot of traits similar to a cabin, as well as many architectural decisions similar to a craftsman-style home, but the biggest factor deals with location and design.


Mountain-style home design

The mountain style has many common identifying features in addition to every home's unique design:

Rugged exteriors. A mountain style exterior commonly uses a lot of wood and stone, with some styles looking very similar to a common cabin. Older styles commonly used log exteriors, whereas more modern style will do a wood siding with larger amounts of stone for support beams or accent walls. Exposed beams are common. The roof is typically angled or gabled with a higher pitch. This also helps create high-pitched ceilings on the interior, which is very popular.

Outdoor living. The mountain home must connect to the nature surrounding the house, especially as outdoor living trends continue to grow in all residential styles. Front and back porches are common and almost always covered. These porches are often made of wood as well and can run the whole length of the house. Outdoor eating areas and fireplaces are also ways to enjoy outdoor living. .

Functional rooms. In mountain homes, there are common trends in the layout. For example, you tend to see more mudrooms with the mountain style home compared to others. The main living areas are large and have an open concept, yet the bedrooms are detached enough to allow for privacy when it is wanted. It is up to you how many floors you want to incorporate, and whether or not there is a basement.

Other common features can include an earthy color palette, lofts that open to the main living area, and sliding barn doors.

Mountain-style decor and interior design

The mountain-style is unique in comparison to other home styles we have discussed already. There are just a few trends worth considering when designing your own:

Antlers and Furs. A great way to connect to the outdoor experience is to mount your latest tropy buck, or introduce other elements relating to hunting. If you don't hunt, you can still find fur blankets, animal skin rugs, or antler decorations that can supplement your mountain home beautifully. Skeepskin, for example, is a current trend in the modern mountain style. Leather is always a great option as well.

Edison bulbs. "Edison bulbs" refer to carbon- or early tungsten-filament lamps, or modern bulbs reproducing their appearance. The internal filaments typically are long and winding, and they emit a warm yellow glow. They also tend to be more dim than modern lights, making them great as a decorative piece. Because they have that vintage appearance, they can give your home a cool, industrial feel. Hang these bulbs from the ceiling by the black wire or wrapped in rope. 

Outdoorsy accessories. Use all different types of outdoorsy accessories to connect your interior to the ourdoors. This could include landscape prints or artwork, polished wood statues, plants, woven baskets, etc.

These are just a few suggestions, but we are happy to explore more options as we design your own mountain-style home.


Center Point Construction sample work

Center Point Construction has had many opportunities to build custom homes with a mountain style architecture and interior design. Below we have inclded a series of different pictures and different homes that we have built. If you would like to see additional examples or see additional project information, look at our Residential portfolios, or give us a call at 801-845-1100.

As mentioned earlier, mountain style is easily blended with other housing styles, so you will notice a wider variety of style in these images. We commonly build mountain rambler homes and mountain modern homes, and despite their differences, you will notice common trends based on the design elements discussed earlier.

  1. Mountain Rambler

    mountain rambler home by Center Point Construction
  2. Mountain Rambler

    mountain rambler home by Center Point Construction
  3. Mountain Modern

    Mountain Modern Home by Center Point Construction
  4. Mountain Modern

    Mountain Modern Home by Center Point Consrtruction
  5. Mountain Modern

    Mountain Modern Home by Center Point Construction


Want to learn more?

The mountain home continues to be one of our customer's favorite designs and there are more and more resources that can help you learn more and develop your own preferences within the mountain styles.

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We have also created a mountain style pinterest board that you can explore and re-pin to your own home design boards. If you are considering building a new home, we would love to work with you to design your dream mountain-styled dream home. Give us a call and we can work together to turn your vision into a reality!

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