At the end of a decade, we have seen many developments and advancements in both residential and commerical construction, from interior design to structural design. Moving forward, here are some of the top trends we expect to thrive in 2020 and beyond. 

Multipurpose Spaces

Open floorplans have become mainstream, and this is expected to continue. This trend will continue, but with a new trend leaning towards multipurpose design, or the integration of multiple purposes into a single room. A kitchen and living room multipurpose space is currently one of the most common examples of this trend. This could also be implemented by blending a living room space into a bedroom, or a seamless transistion between an indoor living space and an outdoor terrace.

Consistent building materials and design are used in these spaces in order to naturally blend spaces together in order to maintain an open concept whilst achieving segmentation. This segmentation can be achieved by permanent fixtures like kitchen islands, accent walls, or free standing fireplaces, or temporary pieces like furniture. Uniformity can still be maintained throughout the room by various methods, including using a single color scheme throughout the space or maintaining the same wood flooring throughout the room.

Industrial Design

A more industrial look has become a popular design this past decade, and will continue into the next - for both residential and commerical construction.

In custom homes, we expect to see more exposed iron, brick, and raw material in finished designs, which give these homes a more modern look. This includes giving smooth and simple lines. We can continue to expect to see more tile and concrete flooring as well. This plays well into the minimalistic styles that has taken center stage in 2019 home design. In commericial buildings, we expect to continue seeing exposed HVAC, exposed brick and metal, and glass walls.


Home automation is already catching a lot of attention, and we expect this to be a trend will become a consideration at the initiation of the project's design.

Already we have seen smart home features relating to temperature monitering, security systems, and lighting. Smart appliances, such a refrigerators and ovens are also popular. Moving forward, we expect to see new common appliances become digitized and managable through automation and AI. With an increased concern for the environment (which is discussed in more detail later), we also expect to see more automation relating to water and energy conservation.

Although this trend is strongly residential currently, we expect to see these trends influence the commercial real estate community in the future as well.

Renewable Energy and Conversation

As mentioned earlier, it is a growing trend to be enviornmentally friendly, which is reflected in new construction trends. For example, we expect to see more homes built with integrated alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind, or thermal energy. Home automation will also allow increased regulation or energy to make sure that it is conserved.

Eco-friendly building will become increasingly mainstream as in the coming years. For example, using manufactured stone instead of natural stone is more eco-friendly because it prevents erosion problems that can occur from quarrying the stone, and it does not require the same transportation energy in its production. Comsposite materials for countertops, decking, and other building materials, can also be built from recycled materials or environmentally friendly resin, amongst other materials, that can be more renewable than other natural materials. Recycled glass and recycled aluminum countertops are popular for creating a modern-looking kitchen, for example. We expect to see more of these materials used and these energy sources integrated into construction for both residential and commerical projects.

So What?

So why should you care about these trends?

The biggest reason is that many of these trends begin at the initial design stages of the project. For example, freestanding fireplaces for multipurposed spaces, exposed brick, renewable energy hookups, etc., all are best planned for before construction even begins. If you are a fan of these features, incorporating the elements into your next home could increase the future property value of your home compared to those home not including the newest technology or design trends. Incorporating modern trends now will also elimate the need to remodel or update your home sooner.

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