Every year, we see new color trends for home design - both on the interior and exterior. In this post, we will explore our five favorite colors that are trending in home design for 2019, and if they weren't already some of your favorite design colors - they will be soon. We will also explore what we expect to be trending for the year 2020. 

2019 Top 5

#5 - Misty Blue

Misty Blue is a soft and hazy grey-blue color with a calming energy. Because this color is so muted, it also serves as an effective "clean slate" if you want to hang picture galleries or use extravagant furnature or other decorative pieces in the room.

Some colors that are similar to Misty Blue include Denim Blue (a darker alternative) and Bluebird (a more vibrant alternative on Behr's 2020 trend list).

#4 - Spicy Mustard

Mustard Yellow was a popular color for 70's furniture, and it has found its revival. This color provides a strong pop of color to any room, and is commonly used for focal accent pieces, like accent walls or trim. The brightness of yellow can portray feelings of warmth and optimism, making any room feel more inviting.

If Mustard is too strong of a color for you, Pale Yellow is a popular alternative with a more sophisticated and buttery feel, and pairs great with wood tones. Other shades of bold yellows, like Afternoon, are a little lighter but still provide the vibrant and optimistic feeling of Mustard. Dark shades of Mustard can give more depth in color but should be used in more well lit rooms.

#3 - Living Coral

Coral is a bold and vibrant color that is sure to energize and uplift any room. Coral was also named the 2019 Pantone of the Year, which proves its popularity and connection to what it trendy. It has been especially popularly used for the little girl's bedroom, or in rooms with no windows that need something to lighten it up.

Because coral is a very strong color, it serves well as an accent color alongside neutral whites or light blues. It also works well with it's orange and pink counterparts, where all three colors work together to brighten up any room. If you want your room to feel vibrant yet cool, the coral color pairs very well with teal or turquoise.

Some colors closely related to Coral that are worth exploring include pale pinks (a more soothing alternative) and muted pastels (a more gender-neutral alternative).

#2 - Navy Peony

Moody blues like Navy Peony initially gained interior design attention in 2018, but have continued to be popular through 2019. Deep saturated colors work great in rooms that have a lot of natural light aready coming in, and also work great for painting appliances, such as shelves or cabinetry, for example. As these deep colors continue to evolve as trends change over time, we are seeing a trend to more greyish tones. Hale Navy, for example, is a beautiful blue-grey color also very popular in 2019.

#1 - Night Watch

Night Watch was named the 2019 Color of the Year by PPG Paints, and is the most popular trend for interior design paint color. Deep greens and olive colors are very popular for a variety of different reasons. First of all, deep greens are very versatile and pairs well with many bright saturated colors or light neutral colors alike. Additionally, Night Watch is a deep shade of green and can invoke feelings of peace and serenity. This color palette also correlates to the popular 2019 trend of biophilia, or the relationship between humankind and nature, because these deep colors are very natural tones.

Similar to Night Watch, Hunter Greens also have a strongly natural feel, but slightly lighter and less blue-toned. Olive Greens are always a safe color that has remained popular for several years. For a more extreme color (which is also a popular trend of 2019), lime green is an electric tone worth considering.

Never forget about white!

These colors can all leave an impression, any sometimes too many strong colors can make a home feel overwhelming. When deciding which colors intrerest you the most, keep in mind how timeless shades of white and grey can be. Almost-white and Off-cream are popular types of white from 2019. Taking it further away from original white, you could also consider colors like Mushroom, Clay, Lavender, of even the darker Charcoal Gray.

When looking into using white, ElleDecor recommends "90% White, 10% Color," although other designers like to be a little more bold. That decision simply depends on your style.

2019 Pantone

Misty Blue

2029 Pantone

Spicy Mustard

2019 Pantone

Living Coral

2019 Pantone

Navy Peony

2019 Pantone

Night Watch

2019 Pantone

Snow White

What to Expect in 2020

Although 2020 isn't for another few months, we already have some glipses into what the top colors may be. Here's just a quick look into what we've seen:

Back To Nature, Bubble Shell, and Chinese Porcelain 

Back To Nature. Back To Nature was named Behr's 2020 Color of the Year, so it has great potential for popularity in interior design. Similar to Night Watch, and as its name suggests, this color is natural and connects to the outdoors. It is calming and relaxing, it is light and therefore not overwhelming, making it a perfect option for exteriors, interior walls, as well as accent pieces like tables and cabinets.

Bubble Shell. Bubble Shell is a floral and soulful color listed on Behr 2020 Colors Trends. It is similar to Living Coral and the Pale Pink colors popular in 2019. Sherwin Williams 2020 Forecast also includes similar light pink colors like the serene Breathless, the exciting Juneberry and Eros Pink, and the earthy Coral Clay, Diverse Beige, and Likeable Sand.

Chinese Porcelain. Similar to Navy Peony and other moody blue colors, Chinese Porcelain was named 2020 color of the year by PPG. This shade of blue is similar to many Sherwin Williams 2020 Color Trends, like Endless Sea, Oceanside, and Granite Peak. These colors are also natural colors in how they connect to natural aethetics, like water and the sky. This color is serene, calm, and traditional.

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